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About Us

Greenhill Group LLC is a strategic and tactical intelligence consultancy serving Washington, DC, with a high-level of expertise. Our global services are unparalleled due to the exceptional makeup of our team. With a special interest in Latin America and the Middle East, our team can help you meet your needs.

Our Founder

Our founder is a decorated senior operations officer at CIA and lawyer with extensive experience in international litigation and business. At CIA, he worked directly on five continents before retiring in December 2013. With our founder's vast experience, our company opened in July 2014 to specialize in strategic and tactical business planning and execution.

Our Team

Our vast multi-cultural and international experiences applied both domestically and internationally, allow us to offer a unique skill set. We simply don't have competition. Other consultant agencies are typically based in the US but don't have the type of prior foreign experience that we have. Several of our staff members are decorated senior CIA officers with more than 30 years of experience.

Our Dedication To Your Business

We're interested in establishing long-lasting, strong working relationships, to ensure your privacy and satisfaction. We're agile and flexible, allowing us to adjust our availability based on your changing needs.